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Hey its Tamara Leonard, host of "Let's Talk with T"

“Let’s Talk with T”, is more than just a show to me. It's a way of giving back to my community and supporting local businesses.

As a businesswoman myself, I've experienced the challenges of losses and triumphs of success in running several businesses. It is because of these experiences that I am passionate about helping others succeed. Seeing locally made products and services showcased throughout the Caribbean is the dream of many and I have partnered with experts to bring this dream to reality for St. Maarten. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and community, and it is time we add a new pillar to our economy through the exporting of our products and services throughout the Caribbean. "Let's Talk with T" strives to bring together businesses, talents, and audiences in a unique and fun format, while also providing invaluable marketing and feedback opportunities for our featured businesses. By partnering with experts and offering opportunities for on-the-spot sales and promotion, we hope to help businesses grow and succeed, and ultimately see their products and services become available throughout the Caribbean.

Come be apart of our audience, register to be a guest or partner to help showcase our locally made products in your store, let’s make history!

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About Let's Talk with T

Entertainment, Education, & Business come together

At "Let's Talk with T," we believe that business, life, love, and health go hand in hand. That's why we titled them as the four corners of our show and why it features segments that highlight how businesses can positively impact these aspects of our lives. By attending the show, not only will you discover hidden business gems in our community, but you'll also be rewarded with delightful surprises that cater to all of your senses. From inspiring stories that can change your life, to gifts that you can scoop up while you're there, we'll have something for everyone. Your taste buds will be awakened with delicious treats, and your heart will be warmed by the fun-loving ambiance. So, don't miss out and join us to have a great time while discovering how businesses can positively impact our lives!

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